The systematics of the group of fishes called ciscoes is complicated and scientists now generally believe that the longjaw cisco was not a separate species, but a distinctive population of large-bodied individuals of shortjaw cisco .

The longjaw mudsucker is a small fish, commonly used as bait. A photo of it is here: http://intergate.sdmesa.sdccd.cc.ca.us/ilc/biology/fishes/images/Long-jawed%20Mudsucker.jpg Hopefully, the commercial fishery would be able to supply around 10K to 20K fishes per month. More

Longjaw Mudsucker, Gillichthys mirabilis Appearance and Identification: More

The longjaw cisco (Coregonus alpenae) was a deep water cisco or chub, usually caught at depths of 100 metres or more from Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Erie. Its Latin name was derived from Alpena, a city in Michigan. More

The longjaw mudsucker Gillichthys mirabilis is a goby (Gobiidae) of the Pacific Ocean coast of California and Baja California, noted for its extremely large mouth and ability to survive out of water for short periods. More

Means of Introduction: The longjaw mudsucker seen in Arizona was probably a bait bucket release. This species is used as bait in central Arizona and in the lower Colorado River (Miller 1952; Minckley 1973). More

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believe that the Longjaw cisco was not a separate species but may have been a distinctive population of large-bodied individuals of Coregonus zenithicus, also known as Shortjaw Cisco. Listing was, therefore, deactivated in May 2002. More

Ontario Longjaw Cisco Distribution North American Longjaw Cisco Distribution Modified from: Campbell 1985; Campbell 1987 Modified from: Campbell 1985; Campbell 1987 - ROM This page has been produced in More

The longjaw cisco (Coregonus alpenae) was one of several species of deepwater whitefish that was an important part of the smoked fish industry in the Great Lakes. It was known to occur in Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Erie. More

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Raw Longjaw Mud Snappers live in the murk and mud at the bottom of the water. More

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Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Coregonus
Species : Coregonus alpenae
Authority : Koelz, 1924