Lenok (scientific name: Brachymystax lenok; Korean common name: Yolmoko) were landlocked in the inland of the Korean peninsula during the glacial epoch. Thirty years ago, we could have met 70cm (28 inch) Manchurian trout easily. More

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just lenok, reaches its southernmost distribution in South Korea. They do not have any migratory characteristics other than descending into deeper water downstream in the dry winters and heading upstream for their spring spawn. More

The lenok and grayling fishing this year was great - especially during the caddis and mayfly hatches of the late fall. Our largest lenok of the year was 30 inches, though probably the average was around 18-inches. More

* Lenok, Grayling and Taimen in Mongolia * Fly Fishing Mongolia 2009 Spring Update - - - - Fish Mongolia is a British-Mongolian Joint Venture More

Lenok, Grayling and Taimen in Mongolia - Trip Report by Nathan Ward Thanks to Andy, Dan and Cody for an amazing fly fishing experience on the Delger-Muron River. More

A lenok from a small mountain stream in South Korea. = Submitted by James Card on Sun, 11/02/2008 - 14:14. More

after watching the Taimen eat a Lenok off of his buddy's fly rod. Along with another great year of Taimen fishing, the Lenok Trout fishing was outstanding in 2009. More

dry fly fishing for Lenok, the oldest member of the trout family. Lenok run from 16 to 30 inches long. They spend a majority of their time in shallow water where they are very accessible to our anglers fishing assorted dry flies and terrestrials. More

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Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Brachymystax
Species : Brachymystax lenok
Authority : Pallas, 1773