Yellowback stingaree

This species attains a maximum length of 42 cm .

The Yellowback stingaree lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 45 - 300 m , usually 100 - 160 m environment.

(pictured) and the yellowback stingaree represent one of the few known cases of hybridization in cartilaginous fishes? * ... More

The yellowback stingaree is likely ovoviviparous with low fecundity, as in other stingarees. Males mature at a length of 23 cm (9 in).1 This species shares the southern extent of its range with the banded stingaree (U. cruciatus). More

The yellowback stingaree, Urolophus sufflavus, is a locally abundant but little-known species of stingray in the family Urolophidae. It is almost endemic to New South Wales, with a range from Green Cape northward, extending only barely into Queensland (Stradbroke Island). More

Common names

Geelrugdoornrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Yellowback stingaree in English
丑扁魟 in Mandarin Chinese
醜扁魟 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Urolophidae
Genus : Urolophus
Species : Urolophus sufflavus
Authority : Whitley, 1929