Jimbaran shovelnose ray

The Jimbaran shovelnose ray lives in the benthopelagic, marine environment.

The Jimbaran shovelnose ray is among 20 new species of sh... More

The Jimbaran shovelnose ray is among at least 20 new species found during a five-year survey of Indonesian fish markets. More

Catshark and Jimbaran Shovelnose Ray, found only in Bali, and the Hortle’s Whipray, found only in West Papua. All in all, the country has the most diverse shark and ray fauna and the largest shark and ray fishery in the world. More

28, 2007 by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization or CSIRO, The Jimbaran Shovelnose Ray is shown. Twenty new species of sharks and rays have been discovered in Indonesia during a five-year survey of catches at local fish markets, Australian researchers said Wednesday. More

Common names

Jimbaran shovelnose ray in English

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Rhinobatidae
Genus : Rhinobatos
Species : Rhinobatos jimbaranensis
Authority : Last, White & Fahmi,2006