Eastern shovelnose ray

Aptychotrema Rostrata, common names Banjo Fish, Banks Shovelnose Ray, Common Shovelnosed Ray, Eastern Shovelnose Ray, Long-Snouted Shovelnose Ray, Southern Shovelnose Ray, Shovelnose Shark or simply Shovelnose Ray is a species of fish in the family Rhinobatidae.

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Original source: IMG_0613 Author Taso Viglas from Sydney, Australia Author: Taso Viglas from Sydney, Australia

The Eastern shovelnose ray lives in the demersal, brackish, marine, depth range - 60 m environment.

The Eastern Shovelnose Ray can be recognised by its wedge-shaped disc, its long triangular snout and its colouration. It is usually sandy-coloured above and may have darker blotches. The lower surface is white with irregular dark flecks. the species grows to 1. More

Similar species: The Eastern Shovelnose Ray is also known as the Long-snouted Shovelnose Ray. There is a sympatric Short-snouted Shovelnose Ray (A. More

eastern shovelnose ray Aptychotrema rostrata, and show for the first time that some elasmobranchs do, in fact, have multiple cone types and, therefore, the potential for colour vision. More

The eastern shovelnose ray has a narrowly, pointed opaque snout. There are small, widely spaced thorns along its spine and there is no gap between the pectoral and pelvic fins. The lower lobe of the tail fin is small and straight. More

Find out more about the Eastern Shovelnose Ray in the Elasmodiver Field Guide Other common names of the Eastern Shovelnose Ray: Long Nosed Shovelnose Ray Long Snouted Shovelnose Ray Shovelnose More

Eastern shovelnose rays are common in Byron Bay, but are not often seen at Julian Rocks. They are usually seen resting on the bottom, sometimes partly buried, or swimming close to the bottom. More

Eastern Shovelnose Ray at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay Eastern Shovelnose Ray (Aptychotrema rostrata) The Eastern Shovelnose Ray is not commonly seen at Julian Rocks and can be very shy. More

Common names

Australian shovelnose ray in English
Banjo fish in English
Banks shovelnose ray in English
Common shovelnosed ray in English
East Australian shovelnose ray in English
Eastern shovelnose ray in English
Eragoni in Other
Geigenrochen in German (Deutsch)
Guitarfish in English
Long-snouted shovelnose ray in English
Oostelijke gitaarrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Østlig skovlnæserokke in Danish (dansk)
Shovelnose ray in English
Shovelnose shark in English
Southern shovelnose ray in English
鼻鏟吻犁頭鰩 in Mandarin Chinese
鼻铲吻犁头鳐 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Rhinobatidae
Genus : Aptychotrema
Species : Aptychotrema rostrata
Authority : Shaw, 1794