Eagle ray

The New Zealand eagle ray, Myliobatis tenuicaudatus, is an eagle ray of the family Myliobatidae, found in bays, estuaries, and near rocky reefs around New Zealand to depths of 160 m.

The Eagle ray lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range 0 - 160 m environment.

The eagle rays are a group of cartilaginous fishes in the family Myliobatidae, consisting mostly of large species living in the open ocean rather than on the sea bottom. More

The spotted eagle ray was originally described in 1790 as Raja narinari (Euphrasen 1790). The name was changed to Stoasodon narinari and later to the currently valid name Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen, 1790). More

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members of the eagle ray family, and can be found globally in tropical regions, including the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Atlantic Africa, the Indian Ocean, Oceania, and the Pacific west coast of the Americas. More

white-spotted eagle ray, bonnetray, and maylan, grows to at least 3.5 m disc width and 9 m total length. Maximum weight of 230 kg. Current research on this species may reveal that what is being called the white-spotted eagle ray may in fact be several species. More

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Eagle Ray (Myliobatis tenuicaudatus) Eagle Ray (Myliobatis tenuicaudatus)f021005: eagle rays are New Zealand's smallest stingrays. They have protruding heads, 'shoulders' and whiplike tails, with a small fin on top. More

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Eagle ray with Remora (Shark sucker - Echeneis naucrates) More spotted eagle ray photographs View all available shark and ray images in the Shark Pictures Database Common Names: Spotted eagle ray, White-spotted eagle ray Latin Name: More

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Eagle rays (Myliobatidae) are a family of mostly large rays living rather in the open sea than at the bottom of the sea. They are excellent swimmers and able to jump several metres above the surface. More

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Eagle ray, any large ray of the family Myliobatidae, or Aetobatidae. The common European species (Myliobatis aquila) is called also whip ray, and miller. Electric ray, or Cramp ray, a torpedo. Starry ray, a common European skate (Raia radiata). More

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Eagle rays are found along the coasts of the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. More

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Common names

Aigle de mer commun in French (français)
Eagle ray in English
New Zealand eagle ray in English
Newzealandsk ørnerokke in Danish (dansk)
Whai keo in Maori (te reo Māori)
薄尾鱝 in Mandarin Chinese
薄尾鲼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Rajiformes
Family : Myliobatidae
Genus : Myliobatis
Species : Myliobatis tenuicaudatus
Authority : Hector, 1877