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The Manta Raya Takes Over Over the years, the Calypso Pacific Island Cruise has evolved into then Number One day tour in Costa Rica. More

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Manta Raya is born in 2000, in Mar del Plata / Argentina. Mecha, George and Quique knew each other studying Visual Arts. At that time, 1998, they played in different bands. More

Sunrise with Manta Raya Divers in Cozumel Eagle Rays with Manta Raya Divers, Cozumel Manta Raya Divers offers different diving and snorkeling adventures to visitors of all ages, in Cozumel Island, Mexico. More

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We booked Manta Raya for a snorkeling excursion during our Eastern Caribbean cruise. We had learned on a previous cruise that the cruise line excursions are usually very crowded without much individual attention. More

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Manta rayas gigantes, son conocidos en los sistemas fluviales de Tailandia, Borneo, Nueva Guinea y norte de Australia. More

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We booked Manta Raya for a snorkeling excursion during our Eastern Caribbean cruise. We had learned on a previous cruise... More

Manta Raya was born in 2000, in Argentina. Mecha, George & Quique met each other studying Visual Arts in Mar del Plata city. But they might not be that unfamiliar to you since they’ve played all over the world. More

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Order : Rajiformes
Family : Myliobatidae
Genus : Manta
Species : Manta raya
Authority : Baer, 1899