Freshwater whipray

The freshwater whipray, Himantura dalyensis, is a little-known species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, found in a number of large rivers and associated estuaries in northern Australia. More

assessed the white-edge freshwater whipray as Endangered, as it is under heavy pressure from fishing and habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation. More

The white-edge freshwater whipray, Himantura signifer, is an extremely rare species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae, native to four river systems in Southeast Asia. More

The giant stingray also known as freshwater whipray, can be found in a handful of rivers in Southeast Asia and northern Australia but much is still unknown about this mammoth ray species infact it was first described scientifically only twenty years ago, in 1989. More

white-edge freshwater whipray is a species of fish in the Dasyatidae family. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Its natural habitat is rivers. More

Information on the white-edge freshwater whipray is currently being researched and written and will appear here shortly ... More

of freshwater sawfish and freshwater whiprays is very exciting,. Among the findings, the survey has also revealed freshwater sawfishes in Western Australia's Fitzroy system. Several specimens of the dwarf sawfish (Pristis clavata) were also encountered in the May and Robinson Rivers to the north. More

Sawfish and Freshwater Whipray are presented here in this aquarium. fish Crocosaurus Cove, Corner of Mitchell & Peel Streets, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia | Telephone: +61 8 8981 7522 | Facsimile: +61 8 8941 5522 | Email:info@croccove. More

freshwater whipray, Himantura chaophraya, in Malaysian Borneo - Publication Type: Journal Article Authors: Healy, C. Source: J. Parasitology, Volume 92(2), p. More

The White-edge Freshwater Whipray (Himantura signifer) is a very rare freshwater ray known from only a few specimens and four riverine systems (although it may also be present but unrecorded in other rivers). More

Giant freshwater stingray or Freshwater whipray as its also known is the unofficial king of the Mega fish with a published weight of 600kg. Thats twice the weight of the largest ever Mekong giant catfish recorded. More

the freshwater whipray, Himantura chaophraya, in Malaysian Borneo. J Parasitol. 2006 Apr; 92(2):364-74. More

the freshwater whipray has a distinctively shaped, rounded pectoral fin disc, a projecting snout, and a thin tail without fin folds. It is plain brown above and white below with dark marginal bands. More

The giant freshwater whipray is a very large estuarine and freshwater species that can reach of maximum diameter of 230 cm. The giant freshwater whipray in our main aquarium came from Pelabuhan Ratu, west Java. More

Common names

Freshwater whipray in English

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Dasyatidae
Genus : Himantura
Species : Dasyatis fluviorum
Authority : Last & Manjaji-Matsumoto,2008