Northern cavefish

The White River, flowing east to west south of Bedford, Indiana, delimits the northern range of Amblyopsis spelea.

The Northern cavefish lives in the demersal, non-migratory, freshwater environment.

The northern cavefish or northern blindfish, Amblyopsis spelea, is found in caves through Kentucky and southern Indiana. It is listed as a threatened species in the United States and the IUCN lists the species as vulnerable. More

Northern cavefish, Amblyopsis spelaea Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Percopsiformes More

in Kentucky, the northern cavefish is found. Along with cave crickets, cave crayfish, and cave beetles this cave-restricted creature lives in an environment devoid of light and deprived of most nutrients. More

the status of the northern cavefish (Amblyopsis spelaea) not be elevated to the status of a Candidate Species, but that it remain as a regional "Species of Concern. More

similar to the northern cavefish, Amblyopsis spelaea, uses its large mouth to incubate its eggs and protect its young. More

For example, the northern cavefish is found only in the Mammoth Cave region of central Kentucky. The cavefish of Yucatan and Cuba are known as blind tetras. A blind walking catfish is a type of cavefish found in the caverns of eastern Pennsylvania. More

state-endangered, sightless Northern Cavefish (Amblyopsis spelaea) and blind crayfish can often be observed on the tour. * Twin Caves (Lawrence County), Spring Mill State Park, Box 376, Mitchell, IN 47446. Phone (812)849-4129. More

Northern cavefish Amblyopsis spelaea Northern cavefish Amblyopsis spelaea gouache paint More

the northern cavefish, (Amblyopsis spelaea), Precision: point-second Review Status: Reviewed ID#: 9640 Observed Date: 2/25/1995 Project Description: More

Northern Cavefish (Amblyopsis spelaea) Northern Cavefish with William Pearson Ph. More

"Distribution of Northern Cavefish, Amblyopsis spelaea DeKay, in Indiana and Kentucky and Recommendation for Its Protection." Natural Areas Journal 8 (1988): 69–79. Killgore, K. J., and J. A. Baker. "Patterns of Larval Fish Abundance in a Bottomland Hardwood Wetland. More

Common names

Nördlicher Höhlenfisch in German (Deutsch)
northern cavefish in English
Stor hulefisk in Danish (dansk)
洞鱸 (盲鮰) in Mandarin Chinese
洞鲈 (盲鮰) in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Percopsiformes
Family : Amblyopsidae
Genus : Amblyopsis
Species : Amblyopsis spelaea
Authority : DeKay, 1842