Black-faced blenny

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The Black-faced blenny lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 0 - 40 m , usually 6 - 12 m environment.

A female Black-faced Blenny ( Tripterygion delaisi ). Location: The Azores . Blenniidae (Combtooth blennies) Black-faced Blenny ©Rudolf Svensen A male Black-faced Blenny ( Tripterygion delaisi ) . Location: The Azores . More

* Black-faced blenny, Tripterygion delaisi Cadenat & Blache, 1970 * Tripterygion melanurus Guichenot, 1850. More

Black-faced blenny (Tripterygion delaisi) Black-faced blenny (Tripterygion delaisi); DISPLAY FULL IMAGE. Email : E-Card | Poster | Web Master Delete Edit Info Admin Description Black-faced blenny (Tripterygion delaisi) From: Pierre@home. More

Moma amarilla - Black-faced blenny (Tipterigyon delaisi) Moma amarilla II - Black-faced blenny II Multicolor Napoleon Napoleon II. More

DIVE's marine biologist writes about the black-faced blenny, which is common at the Canary Islands. More

Black-faced Blenny/Tripterygion delaisi = Black-faced Blenny 355 - Black-faced Blenny - Tripterygion delaisi - 9cm - Rate Photo Estartit/Spain - Mediterranean Sea Photographer: Gerard Bondoux Picture Rating: More

British Black-faced Blenny is can only be ascertained by divers' reports. They may have to be searched for because they are secretive. They are also highly territorial and will stay in an area of about 3 square metres. More

A small male yellow black-faced blenny (Trypterigon delaisi) exhibiting his reproductive colours, as can be seen by the blueedged fins and dark black head. More

The Black-faced Blenny (Tripterygion delaisi) is a shallow-water fish that lives among rocks. This territorial fish is diurnal (most active by day). It is a carnivore that eats tiny invertebrates. This fish reproduces from April to July. More

Common names

Black-faced blenny in English
Caboz de três dorsais in Portuguese (Português)
Caboz de trÍs dorsais in Portuguese (Português)
Gelber Spitzkopf-Schleimfisch in German (Deutsch)
Peperoncino giallo in Italian (Italiano)
Pjevcic žuti in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Pjevcic žuti in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Rabosa groga in Catalan (Català)
Rumeni sprehajalèek in Slovene
Rumeni sprehajalèek in Slovenian (slovenščina)
Tripterygion in French (français)
Triptérygion jaune in French (français)
德氏三鰭鳚 in Mandarin Chinese
德氏三鳍鳚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Tripterygiidae
Genus : Tripterygion
Species : Tripterygion delaisi
Authority : Cadenat & Blache, 1970