Longfinned triplefin

In the breeding season in winter and spring the males become darker, with a blue/black head and black first dorsal fin, and dark bars on the body.

The Longfinned triplefin lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 0 - 17 m , usually 0 - 6 m environment.

Spectacled and Longfinned triplefin and twenty four specimens are on display. These interesting, colourful, little fish were collected by divers on scuba using a 'slurp gun' which is a large syringe which can be used to suck up small fishes. More

The spectacled triplefin or longfinned triplefin, Ruanoho whero, is a triplefin, the only species in the genus Ruanoho. It is commonly found around New Zealand from depths of a few metres to about 30 m, most common in reef areas of broken rock. More

* The longfinned triplefin (Ruanoho decemdigitatus) was once reasonably common if one knew where to look. Now it has almost completely disappeared. Compare this with their abundance in the Hahei marine reserve. More

Longfinned Triplefin, Spectacled Triplefin Common Names in Maori: Kokopu Description - Family Tripterygiidae Chiefly tropical and temperate . More

Common names

Kokopu in Maori (te reo Māori)
Longfinned triplefin in English
Spectacled triplefin in English

Order : Perciformes
Family : Tripterygiidae
Genus : Ruanoho
Species : Ruanoho decemdigitatus
Authority : Clarke, 1879