Kermadec triplefin

The Kermadec triplefin, Enneapterygius kermadecensis, is a triplefin of the family Tripterygiidae, found in tidal rock pools around the Kermadec Islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Its length is up to 3.3 cm. More

kermadecensis), Kermadec triplefin (Enneapterygius kermadecensis ... Kermadec Islands Index to photo galleries: ...and blackspot goatfish; f030931: Kermadec scalyfin (Parma kermadecensis); f031526: Two-spot and Kermadec demoiselles; f032008: Male ... Francis et al. More

Common names

Kermadec triplefin in English
大洋洲双线鳚 in Mandarin Chinese
大洋洲雙線鳚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Tripterygiidae
Genus : Enneapterygius
Species : Norfolkia squamiceps
Authority : Fricke, 1994