Fitch's scabbardfish

The Fitch's scabbardfish lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range 100 - 500 m , usually 100 - 250 m environment.

Nothing known about the Fitch's scabbardfish

Common names

Basurero negro in Spanish (español)
black scabbardfish in English
Degenfisch in German (Deutsch)
Fitch' sabelfisk in Danish (dansk)
Fitch's scabbardfish in English
Pacific scabbardfish in English
Pala baligi in Turkish (Türkçe)
Peixe-espada-do-Pacifico in Portuguese (Português)
Pesce sciabola in Italian (Italiano)
Pez cinto in Spanish (español)
Pez cinto de Fitch in Spanish (español)
Poisson sabre yatagan in French (français)
Poisson-sabre yatagan in French (français)
Reimfisk in Norwegian (Norsk)
Sable negro in Spanish (español)
Sabre ceinture in French (français)
Scabbardfish in English
Strømpebåndsfisk in Danish (dansk)
Zmijicnjak repas in Serbian (српски језик)
菲氏叉尾带鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
菲氏叉尾帶魚 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Trichiuridae
Genus : Lepidopus
Species : Lepidopus fitchi
Authority : Rosenblatt and Wilson, 1987