Ribbon scabbardfish

Benthodesmus tenuis is a species of fish in the Trichiuridae family.

The Ribbon scabbardfish lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range 200 - 850 m environment.

Slender frostfish or ribbon scabbardfish ( Benthodesmus tenuis ) Gulf of Mexico 2964 thumbnail picture Goby flathead ( Bembrops gobioides ) Gulf of Mexico 2965 thumbnail picture More

Ribbon Scabbardfish, Ribbon Shiner Common Names in Mandarin Chinese: 煙色美洲石鱥 Description - Family Cyprinidae Distribution: North America (northern Canada to southern Mexico), More

Common names

Balila in Tagalog
Cintilla in Spanish (español)
Laying in Tagalog
Peixe-espada in Portuguese (Português)
Ribbon scabbardfish in English
Sabre fleuret in French (français)
Slank frostfisk in Danish (dansk)
Slant kalkvis in Afrikaans
slender frostfish in English
smalleye frostfish in English
Tachimodoki in Japanese (日本語)

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Trichiuridae
Genus : Benthodesmus
Species : Benthodesmus tenuis
Authority : G