Pelsartia humeralis

The Pelsartia humeralis lives in the benthopelagic, marine environment.

Pelsartia humeralis; Cortodera humeralis humeralis; Diglossa humerali; Diglossa humeralis; Ammodramus humeralis; Cossypha humeralis; Carpophilus humeralis; Coryphopterus humeralis; Chaetodontus humeralis; Cilnia humeralis; Labidostomis humeralis; Sitona humeralis; Cortodera humeralis; Orsodacne humeralis; Chaetodon humeralis; Harengula humeralis; Serrasalmus humeralis; Paralabrax humeralis; Gonatodes More

Pelsartia humeralis on Fish Mapper TSN 168068 (Taxonomic Serial Number) Retrieved on from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System online database. This is a cached copy. More

Pelsartia humeralis (14 records) Note: Do corrections on both boxes. Data for "View map" ... Pelsartia&species=humeralisÇF 117.35 -34.97 ... 6 Terapontidae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pelsartia. Pingalla. Rhynchopelates. Scortum. Syncomistes. Terapon. Variichthys. See ... Genus Pelsartia. More

Pelsartia humeralis Whitley, 1943Therapon humeralis Ogilby, 1899; (valid as) Pelsartia humeralis Vari, 1978 - 24.4. More

Common names

Sea trumpeter in English
大斑棕鯻 in Chinese (中文)
大斑棕鯻 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Terapontidae
Genus : Pelsartia
Species : Pelsartia humeralis
Authority : Ogilby, 1899