Fortescue grunter

The fortesque grunter is a species of fish in the Terapontidae family.

The Fortescue grunter lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

* Fortescue grunter, Leiopotherapon aheneus (Mees, 1963). * Large-scale grunter, Leiopotherapon macrolepis Vari, 1978. * Leiopotherapon plumbeus (Kner, 1864). More

alfredii, the endemic Fortescue grunter Leiopotherapon apheneus, other fishes, and endemic insects, notably dragonflies and damselflies (Jaensch and Lane 1993). More

Fortescue Grunter;Leiopotherapon aheneus RATE BAR reviews | view: 4 Lagusia micracanthus RATE BAR reviews | view: 3 Threespot Grunter;Hephaestus trimaculatus More

Fortescue Grunter See Leiopotherapon aheneus Fossochromis rostratus See Fossorochromis rostratus Fossorochromis rostratus (Boulenger 1899, Bi:612, Ax:223, SS:129, B1:720 Cyrtocara rostrata, SL:46, K:229, ABu:142 Haplochromis rostratus, AxB:465 More

Common names

Fortescue grunter in English
Fortescus grunter in English
Fortesque grunter in English
Western Australian grunter in English
Western grunter in English
勻鯻 in Mandarin Chinese
匀鯻 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Terapontidae
Genus : Leiopotherapon
Species : Leiopotherapon aheneus
Authority : Mees, 1963