Black bream

black bream, southern bream and blue-nosed bream) is a species of marine and freshwater fish of the porgy family, Sparidae. More

The maximum size of a Black Bream is 60 cm and they weight up to 4 kg. Female Black Bream grow to a larger size and may live for up to 17 years. Heading. More

* 4 Differences between Black Bream and Yellowfin Bream * 5 What works for AKFF members Overview - Bream are favourite targets of many AKFF'ers. Legal specimen's can range from 25cm up to 50+cm. More

Lee Baumgartner, said black bream were an important commercial and recreational species in the Coorong, but scientists have rarely detected them migrating through the newly-constructed fishways. More

Image: Black breamThe black bream is a dark grey sea fish with tough scales that need to be removed before cooking. More

Habitat The Black Bream is found in more southerly estuarine and inshore coastal waters from southern W.A. across to southern N.S.W. including north and east Tas. This fish is predominantly an estuarine species but occasionally can be found in oceanic waters. More

Distribution - The black bream is commonly referred to as the blue-nose bream or southern bream and is found in brackish and fresh waters of estuaries and rivers (occasionally found in coastal waters of southern and western Australia in times of flood). More

Black bream has dusky fins and more than 50 scales in the pectoral-anal fin line. Distribution Found in estuaries east of Lakes Entrance. More

Tracking the movement patterns of black bream in the Gippsland Lakes = A large research project to investigate the movement patterns of black bream throughout the Gippsland Lakes was initiated in December 2004. More

Black bream are silver, bronze to blackish green, with a white chin and belly. The fins are greenish black with a darker margin. One of only two species of the family Sparidae found in Tasmanian waters, the other being the snapper. They grow to around 60cm and over 3. More

and growth of black bream in inland water bodiesLaboratory studies on survival and growthFarming black breamFurther researchFurther reading Print friendly VersionPrint friendly version Related PagesBlack Bream AquacultureFarming Black Bream More ResourcesAquaculture Council of WA ... More

The black bream, Acanthopagrus butcheri, is an estuarine finfish found around the southern Australian coast including Tasmania. In Western Australia, this species inhabits rivers and estuaries as far north as the Murchison River south of Shark Bay (Figure 1). More

The black Bream has seen a researgence in recent years and is a prize catch and eating fish high on the list of UK sea anglers. More

few unbreakable rules to capturing the elusive big black bream in West Australian rivers. Older wiser fisherman told me to use a lightweight small rod, so that when holding it the nibbles of fish can be felt easily. More

Black bream could be described as the toothy critters of the inshore shelf - obliging on most days and under most conditions. With an addiction for their hard fighting qualities especially on light tackle, many anglers specialise in bream fishing. More

When it comes to sex, the black bream is easily confused! All bream start life as females being a protogynous species; hormonal changes before maturity determine that some become males. More

As Lloyd carefully netted my Black Bream, I could see that it was a specimen, the like of which I had never caught before. I saw a "Mermaid's Nipple", a closed sea anemone, of the kind which cover old ship wrecks, on one of my other hooks. More

Black bream have a deep body with long dorsal and anal fins. The dorsal fin can be completely folded down on their back. They have a short nose, a slight depression over the eyes and the mouth curves slightly upwards. More

Distribution: The Distribution of Black bream is from southern NSW through to Shark Bay in WA. The species can also be found throughout Tasmania and on Flinders and Kangaroo Island. More

BLACK bream have come a long way in reputation as an angling species in recent years, in part because they have a penchant for lures. More

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Common names

Black bream in English
Blubberlips in English
Khaki bream in English
Khaki grunter in English
Northern grunter in English
Purple grunter in English
Rußiger Grunzbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Sodaborre in Danish (dansk)
Sooty grunter in English
厚唇弱棘鯻 in Chinese (中文)
厚唇弱棘鯻 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Terapontidae
Genus : Hephaestus
Species : Hephaestus tulliensis
Authority : Macleay, 1883