Yellowfin sillago

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Yellowfin sillago - The yellowfin whiting is one of 29 species in the genus Sillago, which is one of three divisions of the smelt whiting family Sillaginidae. More

yellowfin sillago yellowfin sillago (Sillago schomburgkii) silver sillago silver sillago (Sillago sihama) soringa sillago soringa sillago (Sillago soringa) Vincents sillago Vincents sillago (Sillago vincenti) banded sillago banded sillago (Sillago vittata) Page IndexIntroduction | More

Common names

Fine-scale whiting in English
Gulfinnet sillago in Danish (dansk)
Pêche-madame ubi in French (français)
PÍche-madame ubi in French (français)
Silago aleta amarilla in Spanish (español)
Silver whiting in English
western sand whiting in English
Yellowfin sillago in English
Yellowfin whiting in English

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sillaginidae
Genus : Sillago
Species : Sillago bassensis
Authority : Peters, 1864