Belted sandfish

The belted sandfish, Serranus subligarius, is a member of the Serranidae family.

The Belted sandfish lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 18 m environment.

The belted sandfish, Serranus subligarius, is a member of the Serranidae family. It is hermaphroditic and inhabits primarily the Florida coast. References - This Serranidae article is a stub. More

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Use belted sandfish in a SentenceSee web results for belted sandfishSee images of belted sandfish–noun a sea bass, Serranus subligarius, inhabiting warm, shallow waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. Dictionary. More

Belted sandfish; Sailfin sandfish; Belted kingfisher; Belted cardinalfish; Belted wrasse; Belted beauty; Belted bonito; Rusty-belted tapaculo; Chestnut-belted gnateater; Large red-belted clearwing; Total Images : 73 Page No. More

belted sandfish - found in warm shallow waters of western AtlanticSerranus subligariussea bass - any of various food and sport fishes of the Atlantic coast of the United States having an elongated body and long spiny dorsal fingenus Serranus, Serranus - type genus of the More

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Belted Sandfish (Serranus subligarius) perched on a reef off the coast of Mexico. More

Common names

belted sandfish in English
serrano aporreado in Spanish (español)
Serrano leopardo in Spanish (español)
Serranus subligarius in Catalan (Català)
Serranus subligarius in French (français)
带鮨 in Mandarin Chinese
帶鮨 in Mandarin Chinese
拟鮨 in Mandarin Chinese
擬鮨 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Serranidae
Genus : Serranus
Species : Serranus subligarius
Authority : Cope, 1870