Plump grouper

The Plump grouper lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 130 m environment.

parrotfish, plump grouper, snapper and just about any other fish that can muscle its way in for a bite. With the wreck as a backdrop, it was a thrilling experience. But we were in for a special treat near the Corinthian. More

* Plump grouper, Epinephelus trophis Randall & Allen, 1987. * Potato grouper, Epinephelus tukula Morgans, 1959 Also known as Potato bass or cod. More

grouper Cephalopholis argus Plump grouper Epinephelus trophis Plump grouper Epinephelus trophis Poey's grouper Epinephelus flavolimbatus Polkadot grouper Cromileptes altivelis Polka-dot grouper Cromileptes altivelis Potato grouper Epinephelus tukula Potato grouper Epinephelus tukula Puzzling grouper Epinephelus perplexus Puzzling grouper Epinephelus perplexus Queensland grouper Epinephelus More

Common names

Lokos in Hebrew (‫עברית)
Mero rollizo in Spanish (español)
Mérou rondelet in French (français)
plump grouper in English
短身石斑魚 in Mandarin Chinese
短身石斑魚 in Unknown
短身石斑鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
短身石斑鱼 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Serranidae
Genus : Epinephelus
Species : Epinephelus trophis
Authority : Randall and Allen, 1987