Chestnut grouper

Nothing known about the Chestnut grouper

Common names

Chestnut grouper in English
Chewa in Bengali (বাংলা)
Chewa in Swahili (Kiswahili)
Garoupa de bordo in Portuguese (Português)
Lapu-lapu in Kapampangan
Lapu-lapu in Tagalog
Loche à bords blancs in French (français)
Lokos in Hebrew (‫עברית)
masked grouper in English
Mero bordiblanco in Spanish (español)
Mero paranjero in Spanish (español)
Mérou bord blanc in French (français)
Mérou bord rouge in French (français)
Mérou châtaigne in French (français)
Mérou pie in French (français)
Red-edged grouper in English
Red-edged rockcod in English
Rededged cod in English
Rooirand-klipkabeljou in Afrikaans
Slenderspine grouper in English
Tatesuji-hata in Japanese (日本語)
thinspine grouper in English
Thinspine rockcod in English
Vieille in French (français)
white-edged grouper in English
white-margined grouper in English
White-square cod in English
白边纤齿鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
白邊纖齒鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
石斑 in Mandarin Chinese
纖齒鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
纤齿鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
过鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
過魚 in Mandarin Chinese
鱠 in Mandarin Chinese
鲙 in Mandarin Chinese
黑皮过鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
黑皮過魚 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Serranidae
Genus : Gracila
Species : Epinephelus albomarginatus
Authority : Fowler and Bean, 1930