Bullet mackerel

The bullet tuna is a comparatively small and slender tuna.

The Bullet mackerel lives in the pelagic-neritic, marine environment.

Japanese cookbook for bullet mackerel and reports they were delicious. This was his first experience with this species. Captain Fran Verdi has been doing some striped bass prospecting on his own in preparation for his upcoming bass charters. More

mackerel and bullet mackerel can be differentiated by counting the dorsal finlets. Pacific mackerel typically have four to six, while bullet and frigate mackerel have seven to eight finlets. More

Fish Identification Photos: Bullet Tuna, Bullet Mackerel, Auxis rochei eudorax: The Bullet Tuna is characterized by its “tuna-like” body, dark blue metallic back with 15 or more broad vertical dark bars above the lateral line that commence aft of the first dorsal fin, and a white More

MACKEREL, BULLET Bullet mackerel (Auxis fochei) 1976+ MACKEREL, JACK Jack mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus) a jack, called Horse mackerel before 1945, see unspecified mackerel 1977-85. MACKEREL, PACIFIC Pacific mackerel (Scomber japonicus), see unspecified mackerel 1977-85. More

Bullet mackerel were caught in southern California in 1983-86 (Figure 72). Their northernmost and peak occurrence (0.74%) was in the Santa Barbara/Ventura district in 1984. More

Bullet Mackerel Picture and Description also known as Bullet Tuna Bullet Mackerel are a widely distributed fish. They are found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, including the Mediterranean Sea. Bullet Macekerel are highly migratory. More

Common names

Barrilete in sp
Botellita chica in Spanish (español)
bullet mackerel in English
bullet tuna in English
Mackerel in English
melvera in Spanish (español)
tuna in English

Order : Perciformes
Family : Scombridae
Genus : Auxis
Species : Auxis rochei
Authority : Collette &Aadland, 1996