Stellifer brasiliensis

The Stellifer brasiliensis lives in the demersal, marine environment.

Schneider, 1801), 16 Stellifer brasiliensis (Schulz, 1945), 15 Nebris microps (Cuvier, 1830), 6 Porichthys porosissimus (Valenciennes, 1937), 3 Symphurus tesselatus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) and 1 Menticirrus americanus (Linnaeus, 1758). Fishes were dissected shortly after capture, usually being freshly killed. More

Stellifer brasiliensis, Nebris microps, Pori-chthys porosissimus, Symphurus ... 7 Stellifer brasiliensis on Fish Mapper | Practical Fishkeeping ... Stellifer brasiliensis distribution map, details of related species and collection localities ... More

home » tools » fish mapper » stellifer brasiliensis distribution map Fish mapper Stellifer brasiliensis distribution map = Examine the distribution of Stellifer brasiliensis on a satellite image produced from data held by FishBase from museum collections then More

Stellifer brasiliensis, Nebris microps, Pori-chthys porosissimus, Symphurus tesselatus and Menticirrus americanus are here reported as new host records for P. (S. More

* Stellifer rastrifer Stellifer brasiliensis Unsexed specimen of Stellifer brasiliensis Photographer: Alfredo Carvalho Filho Date Taken: December 31, 2002 Location Taken: Guarujá, Brazil Copyright: (c) 2002 Alfredo Carvalho Filho ZipcodeZoo More

Common names

Boca-de-rato in Portuguese (Português)
Cabeça de coco in Portuguese (Português)
Cabeçudo in Portuguese (Português)
Canganguá in Portuguese (Português)
Cangangua brasileiro in Portuguese (Português)
Cangoá in Portuguese (Português)
Canguá in Portuguese (Português)
巴西叉鰾石首魚 in Mandarin Chinese
巴西叉鳔石首鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Sciaenidae
Genus : Stellifer
Species : Stellifer brasiliensis
Authority : Schultz, 1945