Yelloweye croaker

The Yelloweye croaker lives in the pelagic-neritic, brackish, marine environment.

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yelloweye croaker*, Mexican goatfish*, clarion angelfish*, wounded wrasse*, chameleon wrasse*, stareye parrotfish*, bumphead parrotfish*, purple surgeonfish*, chanco surgeonfish*, black durgon*, spotted sharpnose puffer*, sulphur sponge*, red epizoanthid*, encrusting stony coral*, gorgonian*, robust gorgonian*, yellow gorgonian*. More

Yelloweye Croaker - Odontoscion xanthops - bombache ojo amarillo Southern Whitetail Damselfish - Stegastes leucorus beebei - damisela cola blanca Yellow - tail Damselfish - Stegastes arcifrons - damisela cola amarilla Fine - Spotted Eel - Gymnothorax dovi - More

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Yelloweye Croaker, Yelloweye Drum, Bombache Ojiamarillo, Odontoscion xanthops. Yellowfin Croaker, Yellowfin Drum, Roncador garabato, Verrugato ronco, Umbrina roncador. Yellowfin Herring, Arenquillo Aleta Amarilla, Pliosteostoma lutipinnis. Yellowfin Mojarra, Palmito Rayado, Mojarra Blanca, Gerres cinereus. More

Common names

bombache in sp
Bombache ojo amarillo in Spanish (español)
Corvina in sp
Corvineta in sp
Corvineta de ojo amarillo in Spanish (español)
Corvineta ojiamarillo in Spanish (español)
Corvinilla negra in Spanish (español)
Croaker in English
Gruñidor in sp
Polita in Spanish (español)
Verrue à œil jaune in French (français)
Verrue à oeil jaune in French (français)
Yelloweye croaker in English
黃眼齒 in Mandarin Chinese
黃眼齒 in Unknown
黄眼齿 in Mandarin Chinese
黄眼齿 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sciaenidae
Genus : Odontoscion
Species : Odontoscion xanthops
Authority : Gilbert, 1898