The white croaker is the only species of in the genus Genyonemus.

The Croaker lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range - 183 m , usually - 30 m environment.

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White croaker (Genyonemus lineatus) is a species of croaker occurring in the Eastern Pacific. White croakers have been taken from Magdalena Bay, Baja California, to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, but are not abundant north of San Francisco. More

croaker, member of the abundant and varied family Sciaenidae, carnivorous, spiny-finned fishes including the weakfishes, the drums, and the whitings. The croaker has a compressed, elongated body similar to that of the bass. More

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Croaker, Hermie faces the biggest frog he's ever seen to help out his friends, the ants. More

The croaker has a compressed, elongated body similar to that of the bass. The name describes the croaking or grunting sounds produced by members of most species, chiefly during the breeding season. More

* yellowfin croaker, surffish, surf fish, Umbrina roncador — fish of North American Pacific coast * white croaker, chenfish, kingfish, Genyonemus lineatus — small silvery marine food fish found off California * white croaker, queenfish, More

Tactics to catch The croaker is more likely to be found in deeper waters during the day and closer to shore during the evening hours. Climate:(water temperature) Field and laboratory data both indicate that juveniles are more tolerant of lower temperatures than adults. More

tournament past-chairman) for the biggest croaker caught on this sixth annual event - the 3 lb croaker was caught off Morattico using peeler crab. More

entry into World War II, USS Croaker was sent to the Pacific to wage a war of attrition against Japan's merchant marine and Navy. More

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distinguished from other croakers by their large mouth, the base of the second dorsal and anal fins being about equal, and the wide space between the two dorsal fins. Range: Queenfish occur from Uncle Sam Bank, Baja California, to Yaquina Bay, Oregon. More

* The white croaker is important to both commercial and recreational fishermen in southern and Central California. * Croakers are caught by hook-and-line, bottom trawls and gillnets. More

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Croaker (SS-246) was launched 19 December 1942 by Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.; sponsored by Mrs. W. H. P. Blandy; and commissioned 21 April 1944, Commander J. E. Lee in command. More

Photo of USS Croaker in Buffalo Class: Gato Submarine Launched: December 19, 1943 At: Electric Boat Company, Groton, Connecticut Commissioned: April 21, 1944 Length: 311 feet, 7 inches Beam: 27 feet, 2 inches More

As a fast-growing fish, Atlantic croaker has the potential to be a sustainable choice. It comes down to the gear used, with net-caught croaker being a “Best Choice” and trawled croaker being a “Good Alternative”. More

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The Atlantic croaker is a very important commercial fish. Millions of pounds are caught and sold every year in the United States and exported to other countries. More

USS CROAKER (SS-246) arrived at Pearl Harbor from New London 26 June 1944, and on 19 July put to sea on her first war patrol, sailing to the East China and Yellow Seas. More

Common names

Corvineta blanca in Spanish (español)
Courbine blanche in French (français)
Croaker in English
Genyonemus lineatus in Dutch (Nederlands)
King croaker in English
King-fish in English
kingfish in English
Kulbiniec kalifornijski in Polish (polski)
Maigre argenté in French (français)
Rabeta-branca in Portuguese (Português)
Roncador in English
Roncador in Spanish (español)
Roncador blanco in Spanish (español)
Shiroguchi in Japanese (日本語)
Tomcod in English
Tomcod in German (Deutsch)
Weißer Umber in German (Deutsch)
Weißer Umberfisch in German (Deutsch)
white croaker in English
条纹颏丝 in Mandarin Chinese
條紋頦絲 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sciaenidae
Genus : Genyonemus
Species : Genyonemus lineatus
Authority : Ayres, 1855