Geelbeck croaker

The Geelbeck croaker lives in the benthopelagic, brackish, marine, depth range 15 - 200 m , usually 100 - 200 m environment.

Geelbeck croaker,Teraglin A.aequidens − シロニベ White seabass,White weakfish A. More

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Common names

African weakfish in English
Afrikanischer umberfisch in German (Deutsch)
Afrikansk trommefisk in Danish (dansk)
Cape salmon in English
Congueira in Portuguese (Português)
Corvina in English
Corvina in Portuguese (Português)
Corvina de boca amarela in Portuguese (Português)
Corvina morada in Portuguese (Português)
Corvina prieta in Spanish (español)
Corvina-de-boca-amarela in Portuguese (Português)
Corvina-preta in Portuguese (Português)
Corvinata prieta in Spanish (español)
Geelbeck croaker in English
Geelbeck cwaker in English
Geelbeek in English
Geelbek in Afrikaans
Geelbek in English
Geelbek croaker in English
Jew in English
Kulbiniec zlotousty in Polish (polski)
Pungo-amarelo in Portuguese (Português)
Shmahi in Arabic (‫العربية)
spotted sea trout in Unknown
Spotted weakfish in Unknown
teraglin in English
Téraglin in French (français)
teraglin in Spanish (español)
Teraglin-jew in English
Trag in English
Yanam in Arabic (‫العربية)
非洲錘形石首魚 in Mandarin Chinese
非洲锤形石首鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sciaenidae
Genus : Atractoscion
Species : Atractoscion aequidens
Authority : Cuvier, 1830