Sailfin dottyback

Sailfin dottyback; Dottyback; Lemon sailfin; Sailfin roughshark; Sailfin shiner; Sailfin sculpin; Sailfin velifer; Sailfin boarhead; Sailfin armourhead; Sailfin tang; Sailfin molly; Sailfin flyingfish; Sailfin sandfish; Sailfin snapper; Sailfin tetra; Sailfin lizard; Sailfin grouper; Multicolored dottyback; Natal dottyback; Royal dottyback; More

This fish is known as Sailfin Dottyback and the correct latin name is Ogilbyina Velifera. It belongs to the Dottyback family. (e) It's origin is Western Central Pacific. (e) Character and suggestions regarding care This species is semi-aggressive. More

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Common names

Sailfin dottyback in English
維拉奧氏擬雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
维拉奥氏拟雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
野拟雀鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
野擬雀鯛 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Pseudochromidae
Genus : Ogilbyina
Species : Ogilbyina velifera
Authority : Lubbock, 1980