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The Bobo are an ethnic group living in Burkina Faso although the area occupied by the Bobo extends north into Mali. In much of the literature on African art the group that lives in the area of Bobo-Dioulasso is called Bobo-Fing. These people call themselves Bobo. More

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Platt is a fan), but thus far, the food at Bobo has been a disaster. The kitchen is now on its third chef, Patrick Connolly, who comes from Boston, where he won a James Beard award this spring for his work at a posh restaurant called Radius. More

The BoBo Carnival of Politics – January 31, 2010 Edition - Posted by: The BoBo // Category: BoBo, Carnival, Conservative, Liberals, Politics, Republicans, blogs, government, libertarian Hi All – and welcome to yet another great carnival. More

significant amount of time in Bobo, and have adopted some of the “Bobolaise” mannerisms – are the most hospitable Burkinabe, and perhaps one of the most hospitable groups of people, in the world. More

bobo ‘stammering’ (Latin balbus). 3. Hungarian (Bobó): from the old secular personal name Bobó. FOREBEARS: The first American bearer of this name on record is Elizabeth Bobo, who in 1719 received a land grant in King and Queen Co. More

* Bobo Olson (1928-2002), American boxer * Deivson Rogerio Da Silva (born 1985), known as Bobô, Brazilian footballer * DJ BoBo (born 1968), Swiss musician * Elizabeth Bobo More

Once a tiny space with a serpentine menu, BoBo Café has grown along with Sacramento’s appetite for good Vietnamese food. The original BoBo Café on Madison Avenue has been joined by three other s in the Sacramento area over the past few years. More

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Broome Bobo, LLP, is a trial firm with offices in Dallas (Las Colinas) and Fort Worth serving local, national and international clients. Our approach is to prepare every case for trial to a judge or a jury. More

In 2006, 10'000 enthused visitors have been at the DJ BoBo concert in Engelberg. More

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Finally, Maestro Bobo's DVD masterclass is available (click to watch the trailer). Produced in Japan, it contains some of the finest musical advice and insight for musicians, students of brass and tubists. More

Bobo Information - - Location: Western Burkina Faso, Mali Population: 110,000 Language: Bobo (Mande) Neighboring Peoples: More

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