Smallscale threadfin

The Smallscale threadfin lives in the demersal, brackish, marine environment.

* Smallscale Threadfin : Triumfetta ruprestris * Smallseed Alfalfa Dodder : Cuscuta approximata * Smallseed Dodder : Cuscuta approximata * Smallseed Falseflax : Camelina microcarpa * Smallseed Paspalum : Paspalum parviflorum More

Common names

Barbado in Spanish (español)
Barbú in English
Barbú in Spanish (español)
Barbudo in Portuguese (Português)
Barbudo in Spanish (español)
Barbudo de escamas pequeñas in Spanish (español)
barbudo siete barbas in Spanish (español)
Barbudo sietebarbas in Spanish (español)
Barbure à petites écailles in French (français)
Barbure à sept barbillons in French (français)
Little-scale threadfin in English
littlescale threadfin in English
Parati-barbudo in Portuguese (Português)
Smallscale threadfin in English
Småskællet trådfinnefisk in Danish (dansk)
Tsumaguro-tsubamekonoshiro in Japanese (日本語)
寡齒多指馬鮁 in Mandarin Chinese
寡齿多指马鲅 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Polynemidae
Genus : Polydactylus
Species : Polydactylus oligodon
Authority : G