Leopard darter

Leopard darters rarely exceed three inches in length.

The Leopard darter lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

The leopard darter, Percina pantherina, is a small freshwater fish native to the United States. It has been listed as a threatened species in the United States since 1978, the IUCN lists it as vulnerable. More

Leopard darters rarely exceed three inches (8 cm) in length. They have 11-14 large, dark spots on their sides. These spots contrast against a light background that ranges from pale olive on the back to yellowish-olive on the underside. More

Young leopard darters begin to appear in May of each year. Food items include aquatic insects and microcrustaceans. Habitat: Leopard darters are found in intermediate to larger streams. Typically, they are not found in smaller, headwater streams. More

: A photo of the Leopard Darter (Click for Full Size)The streams of the rugged Ouachita Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma and southwestern Arkansas are home to one of this country’s rarest fish – the leopard darter (Percina pantherina (Moore and Reeves)). More

Title: Leopard darter critical habitat Content Type: Downloadable Data Publisher: US Fish and Wildlife Service Contact Publication Date: 2003 Content Description Abstract: Polygon shapefile depicting the critical habitat for the leopard darter based on More

leopard darter since 1992 to monitor the status of the species. Rivers sampled annually include the Little River headwaters, Glover, and Mountain Fork Rivers in Oklahoma, and the Mountain Fork, Robinson Fork of the Rolling Fork and the Cossatot Rivers in Arkansas. More

The leopard darter (Percina pantherina) is closely related to the blackside darter (P. More

The leopard darter is a threatened species endemic to five streams in southeastern Oklahoma and southwestern Arkansas. Migrating individuals would have to cross road culverts, so we used swimming performance as a measure of their ability to cross these barriers. More

the Leopard Darter, Percina pantherina, in Glover Creek, Oklahoma RAY N. JONES, DONALD J. ORTH AND 0.. In general, leopard darters are selecting Free Anal food items that are relatively common. available specimens. Curriculum Vita PAUL W. More

The Leopard Darter is a approximately 3 inches long. This fish has dark eyes, a white belly, and a light olive back that is spotted with dark spots and saddles. More

Leopard darters grow to only 3 inches long and live for 1 to 3 years. More

We examined food habits of the federally threatened leopard darter in six rivers in southeastern Oklahoma and southwestern Arkansas using guts collected from 1994 to 1997. The families Baetidae and Chironomidae were the most common food items selected by leopard darters. More

Leopard darter habitat has been significantly altered by dam and reservoir construction on the Little River system. In addition, agricultural and industrial practices have been known to influence water quality essential for darter survival. More

Abundance of Leopard Darters in Big Eagle Creek and West Fork Glover River, Oklahoma - CONRAD S. TOEPFER AND WILLIAM L. FISHER (Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Res. More

Service (USFWS) fish biologists conduct leopard darter population counts in the upland streams that also harbor an object of his affection and his guiding business, the smallmouth bass. Leopard darter, close kin to walleye, is a threatened species. More

A current leopard darter recovery plan has been prepared. More

Though the leopard darter stares extinction in the face, its lot in life has improved from the USFWS Fish Passage Program, a program that’s about uniting people, joining habitats, and connecting fish populations. More

Leopard darters have never been common. The greatest threat to the survival of the species is the loss of habitat due to the construction of reservoirs. These impoundments also isolate populations, which further endangers the species. More

Leopard darter faces extinction because of habitat lost to impoundments. More

The leopard darter is a threatened species of the Little River drainage in southeastern Oklahoma and southwestern Arkansas. Data on habitat availability and demography of leopard darters will be used to estimate probability of extinction under various management regimes. More

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Common names

leopard darter in English
Leopardsmutte in Danish (dansk)
豹紋小鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
豹纹小鲈 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Percidae
Genus : Percina
Species : Percina pantherina
Authority : Moore and Reeves, 1955