Log perch

This is the most widespread logperch, commonly found in large parts of the eastern USA and Canada.

the log perch; which has an average length of 12.7-17.8 cm (5-7 in). With the exception of the log perch, darters do not have a gas bladder. More

for a log perch, but it sounds like it might be one of those. I've also heard that there are some yellow perch in smith. More

Thomas / Endangered Species UpdateThe log perch is not abundant in adjacent Vigo County (Whitaker and Wallace, 1973), and its distribution at Newport is probably limited both by the small size and intermittent nature of the streams. More

/ˈlɔgˌpɜrtʃ, ˈlɒg-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation Show IPA Use Log perch in a SentenceSee images of Log perchSearch Log perch on the Web–noun, plural -perch⋅es, (especially collectively ) -perch. a darter, Percina caprodes, of eastern North American lakes and streams, having a piglike snout. More

I have a big log perch in my darter tank I tend to forget about because he NEVER comes out of hiding. Before I moved him from the 55 to the 20 long he swam about freely. More

The Log PerchMichael Gonzales, Manager of SARA’s Environmental Services Division, pointed to the discovery of a log perch, a pollution intolerant fish species, as evidence of the ecological improvements. More

place on a log perch in Kachemack Bay, southcentral Alaska Keywords: bald, eagle, aves, bird, raptor, carnivore, predator, animal, wildlife, fauna, bird, of, prey, kachemak, bay, homer, southcentral, alaska, ak, north, america, national, bird, symbolic, threatened, fighting Stock Photography More

A co-operative group of waterfowl sharing a long log perch on a small pond just northwest of Weldon. Photo by Barrie O. Ward. More

July 22nd, 2005 - Piper on his log perch inside his pen. Piper usually sleeps on the top of this perch, at the very top of his pen. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Percidae
Genus : Percina
Species : Percina caprodes
Authority : Rafinesque, 1818