Harlequin darter

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The Harlequin darter lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Harlequin darter; Harlequin tuskfish; Harlequin sandsmelt; Harlequin sharkminnow; Harlequin frog; Harlequin hind; Harlequin rockfish; Harlequin sweetlips; Harlequin filefish; Harlequin bug; Harlequin wrasse; Harlequin duck; Harlequin toad; Harlequin quail; Harlequin mantella; Harlequin bass; Harlequin ladybird; Fountain darter; Redline darter; More

harlequin darter, Etheostoma histrio, in Western Kentucky. ASB Bull. 36(2):66-67. Moriarty, L.J., and K.O. Winemiller. 1997. Spatial and temporal variation in fish assemblage structure in Village Creek, Hardin County, Texas. Texas Journal of Science, Supplement 49(3):85-110. Page, L.M. More

harlequin darter, endangeredHarlequin darter (Etheostoma histrio) -Originally found in the much of Mississippi River drainage area from Kentucky to Louisiana, and from Escambia River in Florida to Neches River in Texas. More

CHARACTERISTICS: The harlequin darter is distinguished by two large, tan to dark brown blotches near the caudal fin base and several large, dark spots on the side and ventral surface of the head and body. More

Common names

Harlekinsmutte in Danish (dansk)
harlequin darter in English
演鏢鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
演鏢鱸 in Unknown
演镖鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
演镖鲈 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Percidae
Genus : Etheostoma
Species : Etheostoma histrio
Authority : Jordan & Gilbert, 1887