Holiday darter

The Holiday darter lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

- Habitat use, status and abundance of the holiday darter in Alabama and in the Conasauga River - Effects of habitat fragmentation and land use on fish assemblages of Bear Creek, Alabama and Mississippi - Autecology of the flier - Status of Pteronotropis euryzonus in Alabama: More

Sunfish, Blotched Chub, Holiday Darter, Greenfin Darter, Lipstick Darter, Coldwater Darter, Black Darter, Etowah Darter, Goldstripe Darter, Cherokee Darter, Tallapoosa Darter, Trispot Darter, Wounded Darter, Banded Topminnow, Stippled Studfish, Northern Studfish, Flame Chub, Bigeye Chub, Ohio Lamprey, Bluefin Killifish, Pretty Shiner, More

the holiday darter within the Etowah River system (Etheostoma sp. cf. E. brevirostrum A and B). More

In addition, the holiday darters of the Etowah are believed to be two separate species, each endemic to a subwatershed of the Etowah. The Coosa madtom of the Upper Coosa is currently being described as a separate species. More

DISTRIBUTION: The holiday darter is distributed in the Coosa River system in the Valley and Ridge, Piedmont, and Blue Ridge physiographic provinces (Suttkus and Etnier, 1991). Collection records in Alabama are limited to the Shoal Creek system. More

Common names

holiday darter in English
短吻鏢鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
短吻鏢鱸 in Unknown
短吻镖鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
短吻镖鲈 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Percidae
Genus : Etheostoma
Species : Etheostoma brevirostrum
Authority : Suttkus and Etnier, 1991