tilefish are enjoyed in the aquarium. Due to their low fecundities, commercially important species are threatened by overfishing via long-line and bottom trawling methods. More

USS Tilefish (SS-307), a Balao-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for the tilefish, a large, yellow-spotted deepwater food fish. More

Tilefish have a large oblique mouth with strong canines and one rather long dorsal fin with weak spines. For more information on tilefish, visit Britannica.com. More

* Tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico/South Atlantic Details About Tilefish (mid-Atlantic) - tilefish from the mid-Atlantic a.k.a. More

Tilefish » Tilefish (Gulf of Mexico/South Atlantic) = Eco-Worst Choice - Avoid or eat infrequently until improvements are made Health Alert - Elevated More

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tilefishing with Steve a few years and have caught some really nice fish. The fishing is done in extremely deep water and can be challenging but fun which is why we keep coming back. More

The blueline tilefish is similar in taste to the golden tilefish, but it is not as colorful and lacks the adipose flag. More

Tilefish are members of the family Malacanthidae, which is a group of fish that is widespread in tropical and temperate waters. Six species occur along the Atlantic coast of the United States. More

location, serves to identify the adult tilefish at a glance among Gulf of Maine fishes. In grown fish this flap is as high as the dorsal fin, higher than long, and rounded at the tip. In small fry it is relatively much lower. More

Tilefish (SS-307) was laid down on 10 March 1943 at Vallejo, Calif., by the Mare Island Navy Yard; launched on 25 October 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Wilson D. Leggett; and commissioned on 28 December 1943, Lt. Comdr. Roger Myers Keithly in command. More

Tilefish inhabit the deep waters of the continental slope along the eastern seaboard as far north as Nova Scotia down to Florida. Tilefish were not even documented until 1879 because they hide in underwater canyons. More

Tilefish range in size from 11 centimetres (yellow tilefish, Hoplolatilus luteus) to 125 centimetres (great northern tilefish, Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps) and a weight of 30 kilograms. Both subfamilies have long dorsal and anal fins, the latter having 1-2 spines. More

Hubbs Tilefish is characterized by its oblong body, overall light blue-green appearance, and long anal and dorsal fins that maintain their width throughout their length. More

Pacific Golden-Eyed Tilefish Photos and Species Information for Fish Caught in Mexico See current, on-the-spot sportfishing reports and photographs of fish caught at Mexico's top vacation spots in this week's edition of "Mexico Fishing News" and see hundreds of other fish pictures and More

Golden tilefish populations in the Mid-Atlantic are beginning to recover from being overfished while others remain in trouble. Consumer Note Most tilefish found in the marketplace is golden tilefish. More

on the harvest and landings of Tilefish and Groupers in Virginia. This chapter is promulgated pursuant to authority contained in §28.2-201 of the Code of Virginia. This Chapter amends and re-adopts, as amended, previous Chapter 4VAC20-1120-10 et seq. More

Golden Tilefish, Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps, are distributed in the Northeast Atlantic along the outer continental shelf from Nova Scotia to South America, and are relatively abundant in the Southern New England to Mid-Atlantic region at depths of 80 to 440 m (44 to 240 fathoms). More

In 1879, tilefish became an important new commercial fishery. Three years later, though, the tilefish suddenly disappeared. More

The Purple Tilefish has an attractive solid lilac-purple body color with darker crimson-red markings highlighting a v-shape on the tail. It requires a 50 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of swimming room, and at least 3 inches of mixed substrate for burrowing. More

Most tilefish on the market are golden tilefish, caught in deep water off the East Coast of the United States. The smaller gray tilefish, caught in Florida and called blackline tilefish, has somewhat softer flesh. More

Tilefish of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts - Tilefish are deep water fish that live off the Mid Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the USA. More

tilefish was taken from the Wilmington Canyon on April 14 by Paul Brady of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and a 4 pound, 8 ounce cutlass fish was caught off the Cape May Reef on September 23, 2002 by George Algard of Wildwood. More

tilefishtilefish - yellow-spotted violet food fish of warm deep watersLopholatilus chamaeleonticepspercoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformesgenus Lopholatilus, Lopholatilus - large brightly colored food fish of deep Atlantic waters How to thank More

tilefish definition ☆ tile·fish (tīl′fis̸h′) noun pl. tilefish -·fish′, tilefishes -·fish′es any of a family (Malacanthidae) of percoid fishes that live in the deep waters of the sea, including some large food fishes; esp. More

Common names

Bighead tilefish in English
Blanquillo in sp
Blanquillo in Spanish (español)
Blanquillo fino in Spanish (español)
Cabezón in English
Cabezón in Spanish (español)
Cabezudo in Spanish (español)
conejo in sp
Havteglfisk in Danish (dansk)
Ocean whitefish in English
Peje blanco in Spanish (español)
Peje fino in Spanish (español)
Pejeblanco in Spanish (español)
Pejefino in Spanish (español)
pierna in sp
pierna in Spanish (español)
Tile fin in French (français)
Tilefish in English
whitefish in English
батата in Russian (русский язык)
大洋茎方头鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
大洋莖方頭魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Malacanthidae
Genus : Caulolatilus
Species : Caulolatilus affinis
Authority : Jenyns, 1840