Largescale wrasse

The Largescale wrasse lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 200 m environment.

minor Ginsburg, 1951 Largescale Wrasse - Decodon grandisquamis (Smith, 1968) Largescale Yellowfish - Labeobarbus marequensis (Smith, 1841) Largescaled Rasbora - Rasbora paucisqualis Ahl in Schreitmüller, 1935 Largescaled Therapon - Terapon theraps (Cuvier, 1829) Largescaled Tonguesole - Cynoglossus macrolepidotus (Bleeker, 1851) largeseed bittercress More

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Common names

Grootskub-lipvis in Afrikaans
Largescale wrasse in English
大鱗裸齒隆頭魚 in Mandarin Chinese
大鳞裸齿隆头鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Decodon
Species : Decodon grandisquamis
Authority : Smith, 1968