The flagtails or aholeholes are a family (Kuhliidae) of perciform fish of the Indo-Pacific area. The family consists of thirteen species in one genus, Kuhlia, of which, one, (K. rupestris), is freshwater. The others are marine. More

catch small aholehole for use as bait, etc. Current rules prohibit the harvest of any aholehole below 5” in fork length. More

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fried aholehole while Dawn had the fried moi. More

Kuhliidae - aholeholes, crocros, daras, flagtails, mountain basses Genus Kuhlia Gill, 1861 - flagtails More

aholehole in Dan's surround net near the channel at the SW end of the island. They used some of the fish as bait to catch sharks. Louis caught two sharks, and Kenneth caught two red snappers and four other fishes. More

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The aholehole consisted of three nice-sized fish fried... Click to show "aholehole" result 3 400 x 300 24 kb The Threadfin (Polydactylus) or Moi typically live in... More

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Aholehole are shy, nocturnal fish that normally venture out at night to eat tiny crabs, shrimp and other shelled animals. But currently at Hanauma Bay, the silvery aholehole swarm in the shallows all day, darting around human legs to catch free food. More

aholehole (Hawaiian Shiner Perch) on the rough Puna coast got my bother Dennis and I pumped up for adventure and yet a little scared, because this was the big time! Mom had packed our musubi, okazu, and hot tea More

with aholehole, therefore the name of the land is Kaluahole. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Kuhliidae
Genus : Kuhlia
Species : Kuhlia malo
Authority : Valenciennes, 1831