Sand dart

Sand Dart Agrotis ripae (Adult) Gower, Glamorgan (Photo More

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Sand Darthas Been Graded Three Star * * Photo of Sand Dart * * More

The Sand Dart is evidently under threat from the decline of its unique and precarious sand/strand-line habitat. More

* Sand Dart (Agrostis ripae) * Shore Waistcoat (Mythimna litoralis) * White Colon (Sideridis albicon). The dunes are an important site for wintering birds. More

SAND DART Agrotis ripae Area Status: Scarce Resident British Status: Notable/Nb Site Dungeness DB More

Sand Dart Agrotis ripae Status: Former vagrant. Record: 3 July 1951 Wellingborough (P. Gent). Observations: The moth was taken in a garden light trap. First Record: 1951, Gent. More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Kraemeriidae
Genus : Kraemeria
Species : Kraemeria samoensis
Authority : Steindachner, 1906