Sicyopterus rapa

The Sicyopterus rapa lives in the demersal, freshwater, brackish environment.

Sicyopterus rapa on Fish Mapper TSN 638031 (Taxonomic Serial Number) Retrieved on from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System online database. This is a cached copy. More

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Country Species Summary: Sicyopterus rapa in French Polynesia. ... Sicyopterus: 1935; (valid as) Sicyopterus rapa Parenti & Maciolek, 1996 ?Sicyopterus sarasini Weber & de Beaufort, 1915 Sicyopterus stimpsoni ... More

Common names

Kokopu in Tahitian (Reo Mā`ohi)
sicyoptère de Rapa in French (français)
丑瓢鳍鰕虎鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
丑瓢鳍鰕虎鱼 in Unknown
醜瓢鰭鰕虎魚 in Mandarin Chinese
醜瓢鰭鰕虎魚 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Sicyopterus
Species : Sicyopterus rapa
Authority : Parenti & Maciolek, 1996