Longjaw mudsucker

As the common name suggests, the upper jaw is extremely long, reaching nearly to the opercular opening.

The Longjaw mudsucker lives in the demersal, brackish, marine environment.

The longjaw mudsucker is a small fish, commonly used as bait. A photo of it is here: http://intergate.sdmesa.sdccd.cc.ca.us/ilc/biology/fishes/images/Long-jawed%20Mudsucker.jpg Hopefully, the commercial fishery would be able to supply around 10K to 20K fishes per month. More

Longjaw Mudsucker, Gillichthys mirabilis Appearance and Identification: · Goby · Elongated body, max. More

The longjaw mudsucker Gillichthys mirabilis is a goby (Gobiidae) of the Pacific Ocean coast of California and Baja California, noted for its extremely large mouth and ability to survive out of water for short periods. More

Means of Introduction: The longjaw mudsucker seen in Arizona was probably a bait bucket release. This species is used as bait in central Arizona and in the lower Colorado River (Miller 1952; Minckley 1973). More

northern California longjaw mudsuckers are commonly found in association with topsmelt, yellowfin goby, staghorn sculpin, rainwater killifish, and threespine stickleback. In southern California mudsuckers are commonly found around California killifish, arrow goby, and topsmelt. Their diet changes with the availability of prey. More

drain, while longjaw mudsuckers were collected from a total of 12 drains (Appendix 1). Threadfin shad, shortfin mollies, mosquitofish, and red shiners were sampled from a total of two, three, four, and six drains, respectively (Appendix 1). More

longjaw mudsucker were found infected by ectoparasites. Some permanent and persistent infestations of fish by such parasites were discovered around the perimeter of the Salton Sea at Varner Harbor, Bombay Beach, Red Hill Marina and Salton City. More

Common names

chupalodo in sp
chupalodo grande in Spanish (español)
Gobio in Spanish (español)
gobio-chupalodo in sp
long-jawed mudsucker in English
longjaw mudsucker in English
mud-sucker in English
長頜姬鰕虎魚 in Mandarin Chinese
長頜姬鰕虎魚 in Unknown
长颌姬鰕虎鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
长颌姬鰕虎鱼 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Gillichthys
Species : Gillichthys mirabilis
Authority : Cooper, 1864