Tidewater goby

The genus name translates as true cycloid goby, referring to the scales, while the species epithet is in honor of J.

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The Tidewater goby lives in the demersal, brackish, marine environment.

The tidewater goby Eucyclogobius newberryi is a goby (Gobiidae) native to lagoons of streams along the coast of California. More

Official Status: Endangered, the tidewater goby is Federally listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended in California. Critical Habitat is designated for the species, and a new proposal for critical habitat is undergoing review. A recovery plan is in effect. More

The Tidewater Goby is a small fish, nearly unique among fish of the Pacific coast in being restricted to partly salty coastal lagoons and estuaries. More

The tidewater goby is a small grayish brown colored fish characterized by large pectoral fins and a ventral sucker-like disk formed by the complete fusion of the pelvic fins. They rarely exceed 2 inches in length. More

The tidewater goby is found in California’s coastal wetlands; lagoons, estuaries, and marshes, and is almost unique among fishes along the Pacific coast because it can only live in waters with low salinities. More

tidewater goby breeding season! As you read this article, the mating drama of this small fish is unfolding in the brackish water of lagoons, estuaries, and marshes near you. More

The Tidewater Goby was first described in 1857, and is the only member of its genus within its larger family. Habitat The tidewater goby’s preferred environment is a brackish lagoon with fairly shallow water, a sandy bottom and cool temperatures. More

The Tidewater Goby is a small fish that can grow up to be 50 mm. It is a dark green color with a red tail and fin and it has a very large mouth. It lives in marshes that are very shallow. More

Tidewater Goby to Stay on Endangered List - November 7, 2002 Release from: WASHINGTON, DC, November 7, 2002 (ENS) The U.S. More

1998-1999 Lake Earl Tidewater Goby Habitat Study Home Statement of Qualifications Key Personnel Representative Project Summaries Special Status Species Federal & State Permits Photo Galleries More

* States/US Territories in which the Tidewater goby, Entire is known to occur: California * USFWS Refuges in which the Tidewater goby, Entire is known to occur: GUADALUPE-NIPOMO DUNES NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE » More

for California's Endangered Tidewater GobyQuirky fish is key to protecting coast's most fragile ecosystems LOS ANGELES (April 15, 2009) – In an attempt to save a unique and endangered fish found only in the most fragile of California coastal habitats, the Natural Resources Defense More

The tidewater goby is found along the Pacific coast of California from the Smith River in Del Norte County, south to Agua Hedionda Logoon in San Diego County. It is a small fish, rarely exceeding two inches in length. More

Habitat: The tidewater goby lives in coastal lagoons, estuaries, and marshes with relatively low salinities. Within GGNRA, they have been know to inhabit Rodeo Lagoon. Status: The tidewater goby is a federally endangered species. According to the U.S. More

Tidewater Goby Habitat, Virgin Crk, Mendocino Co. Photo Credit: Greg Goldsmith , USFWS Click image for larger version and photo credit information. More

in this work, study of the tidewater goby has great potential from a more basic scientific viewpoint. This taxon is unusually genetically subdivided for an ostensibly marine organism. More

FWS Issues Final Tidewater Goby Critical Habitat Designation - Picture of the Tidewater Goby, Eucyclogobius newberryiOn November 20, 2000, the Fish and Wildlife Service issued the final designation of critical habitat for the Tidewater Goby, Eucyclogobius newberryi (see Marine Environmental Update, More

The Tidewater Goby is one fo the rare aquatic species that restrict themselves to brackish or low salinity waters. Brackish water species often do not disperse well, reducing genetic exchange. More

Common names

tidewater goby in English
真圆鰕虎鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
真圓鰕虎魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Eucyclogobius
Species : Eucyclogobius newberryi
Authority : Girard, 1856