Coryphopterus kuna

The Coryphopterus kuna lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range - 15 m environment.

A new goby, Coryphopterus kuna is described from the Atlantic coasts of Panama and Mexico. The species is distinguished from other Coryphopterus spp. by the low median fin and pectoral fin ray counts and the morphology of the pelvic fin. More

Coryphopterus kuna has D-VI,9 A-9 and pect-15. Other gobies which share the median-fin-ray count have more pectoral-fin rays: Lophogobius cyprinoides with 17-19 (16-20), Priolepis hipoliti (17-19), Bathygobius mystacium and B. soporator (both with mode 19-20). More

1982 has been named Coryphopterus kuna in recognition of the importance of marine research in Kuna Yala A new species of Caribbean reef fish, a goby collected in San Blas in 1982 has been named Coryphopterus kuna in recognition of the importance of marine More

Coryphopterus kuna, named after the indigenous people of Panama. The discovery marks the first vertebrate to have its genetic barcode included in its original species description, which was published by Victor in the July 2007 issue of Zootaxa. More

Holotype of Coryphopterus kuna, pelvic fin frenum absent (D) ... Randall, J. E. (2001) Five new Indo-Pacific gobiid fishes of the genus Coryphopterus. ... 9 Journal 40 No. More

Coryphopterus kuna discovered off the coast of YucatanWill wonders never cease?! A new species of fish has been discovered just off the coast of Yucatan, and its DNA is now properly barcoded and entered into the database of over 30,000 species of fish that have been More

Named Coryphopterus kuna, the goby has become the first vertebrate species to have its DNA barcode included in its official species description. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Coryphopterus
Species : Coryphopterus kuna
Authority : Victor, 2007