Red-banded prawn-goby

Species Summary: Amblyeleotris fasciata Red-banded prawn-goby, You can sponsor this page, ... Family - Search Result: Amblyeleotris downingi, Downing's shrimpgoby, 13.5 TL. Amblyeleotris fasciata, Red-banded prawn-goby, 8.0 TL. Amblyeleotris fontanesii, Giant prawn-goby, 15.2 SL. ... More

red-banded prawn-goby protecting a semi-blind shrimp in his burrow, it is these clever, mutually sustaining relationships, in a constantly, colour-rich biological struggle for survival, that makes fish-watching complusive. More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Gobiidae
Genus : Amblyeleotris
Species : Amblyeleotris fasciata
Authority : Herre, 1953