Snake mackerel

It can grow up to 200 cm long and weigh as much as 6 kg .

The Snake mackerel lives in the benthopelagic, oceanodromous, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - 550 m , usually 100 - 500 m environment.

The Snake Mackerel is a member of the fish family Gempylidae. This family also contains the gemfishes, escolars, Oilfish and snoeks. Fishes in this family are generally long and slender, have strong teeth (which are often fang-like), two dorsal fins, and a forked tail. More

Use snake mackerel in a SentenceSee web results for snake mackerelSee images of snake mackerel–noun an elongate, deep-sea fish, Gempylus serpens, inhabiting tropical and temperate seas, having jutting jaws and strong teeth. Dictionary. More

The snake mackerel, Gempylus serpens, is a species of fish in the monotypic genus Gempylus, belonging to the family Gempylidae (which is also referred to generally as "snake mackerels"). More

snake mackerel from the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific differ in vertebral count (51-55 versus 48-50) and number of first dorsal fin spines (30-32 versus 26-30), and so may represent separate species. True to its name, the snake mackerel has a very long, slender, laterally compressed body. More

What is the name of a snake mackerel of deep tropical waters with ringed markings around its eyes evocative of spectacles? Read answer... Are mackerel carnivores? Read answer... More

The Snake Mackerel show coiled in the partially opened stomach of the Great Swallower. Photo: Phillippe Bush, Department of the Environment Mr. More

Get articles about snake mackerel at HighBeam Research = 12 of 12 articles about "snake mackerel" snake mackerel The Oxford American College Dictionary; ; 189 words snake mack·er·el • n. another term for escolar . More

Gempylidae, the snake mackerels, is a family of oblong or elongate and compressed marine fish also within the Scombroidei subfamily (Nelson 1994). They are often found in very deep water. More

WASCO Pro-Line Snake Mackerel Reproduction WASCO is proud to introduce this line of affordable high-quality reproduction fish. All fish are cast in high quality fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin with an outer layer of white gelcoat for maximum detail. More

snake mackerel Snake Mackerel's are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. Snake Mackeral inhabit water from the surface to a depth of at least 600ft. They grow to only about 3 feet long and are feed apon by larger pelagics. More

name for a couple of species of snake mackerel (Gempylidae) which are netted inadvertently in tuna catches. Enterprising wholesalers hawk these gloomy-looking fish to restaurateurs as an eonomical substitute for the politically incorrect, endangered, expensive, and really delicious Chilean sea bass. More

Common names

Almindelig slangemakrel in Danish (dansk)
atún in English
atun in German (Deutsch)
atún in Polish (polski)
Barakuta in Japanese (日本語)
Barracouta in English
Barracuda in English
Couta in English
Escolar atum in Portuguese (Português)
Escolier in French (français)
Gemfish in English
Mangaa in Maori (te reo Māori)
Ooshibi-kamasu in Japanese (日本語)
Pez sierra in Spanish (español)
Sea pike in English
Senuca in Portuguese (Português)
Sierra in Spanish (español)
Sierra comun in Spanish (español)
snake mackerel in English
Snec in Rumanian
Snek in Russian (русский язык)
snoek in Afrikaans
snoek in English
snoek in German (Deutsch)
Tirsita in Rumanian
атун in Russian (русский язык)
барракута in Russian (русский язык)
снэк in Russian (русский язык)
杖蛇鯖(杖魚) in Mandarin Chinese
杖蛇鲭(杖鱼) in Mandarin Chinese
滑蛇鯖 in Mandarin Chinese
滑蛇鲭 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Gempylidae
Genus : Thyrsites
Species : Thyrsites atun
Authority : Euphrasen, 1791