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redbait was not found in the Cambridge Dictionary of American English Did you spell it correctly? Here are some alternatives: * ratified More

Show IPA Use redbait in a SentenceSee images of redbaitSearch redbait on the Web–verb (used without object) to denounce or deprecate as a political radical, esp. to accuse of being communist. More

between redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) and zooplankton (Winifred Violet Scott Foundation) (Staff) They are also fished as food for the southern bluefin tuna aquaculture industry and for use as fish meal. More

biomass of redbait, Emmelichthys nitidus, over the main commercial fishing area of this species along shelf waters of eastern and southern Tasmania. The study is funded by FRDC (Fisheries Research and Development Corporation). More

redbait into the QMS on 1 October 2009 Current Consultation * Review of sustainability measures for Southern Blue Whiting * Introduction of redbait into the QMS on 1 October 2009 * More

mackerel and redbait west stock status is uncertain spacer VESSELS OPERATING (2006-07) 6 spacer MAJOR LANDING PORTS Eden, Port Lincoln, Triabunna spacer More

Introduction of redbait into the QMS on 1 October 2009 Review of Sustainability Measures for Red Rock Lobster Fisheries for 1 April 2009 Skip Navigation LinksHome > Consultations > Completed Consultations & Final Decisions > Consultations from 2009 More

Redbait (RBT) to be introduced into the QMSRedbait (RBT) to be introduced into the QMS • 12 March 2009 - Redbait (Emmelichthys nitidus) (RBT) is to be introduced into the Quota Management System on 1 October 2009. More

named Redbait - representing the raw yet alluring nature of the band . More

) Anyway, redbait has a storied history, too much to go into here. From time to time you will find more information in our blog, if you care to look. Otherwise, check out the songs we have posted, if you care to listen. More

redbait: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 2. redbait: Encarta® World English Dictionary, North American Edition 3. redbait: Wordnik 4. More

redbait definition red·bait (red′bāt′) intransitive verb, transitive verb to denounce (a person or group) as being communist, esp. More

Common names

Hunboruto-hachibiki in Japanese (日本語)

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Emmelichthyidae
Genus : Emmelichthys
Species : Emmelichthys nitidus nitidus
Authority : Richardson, 1845