Silver surfperch

The body of the silver surfperch is oval and strongly compressed.

The Silver surfperch lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 110 m environment.

* Silver surfperch, Hyperprosopon ellipticum (Gibbons, 1854). * Genus Hypsurus * Rainbow seaperch, Hypsurus caryi (Agassiz, 1853). More

Silver surfperch eat small clams, gammarid amphipods (small shrimp-like animals), sand crabs, and small fishes. More

The Aquarium habitat for silver surfperch is in the Northern Pacific Gallery. More

Fishing Information: Silver surfperch rank among the top ten in numbers caught by recreational anglers in central and northern California, even though the average weight is 0.1 pound. They are plentiful, easy to catch and occur in large numbers in surf, shore and pier catches. More

Description: The body of the silver surfperch is oval and strongly compressed. The head is small and the mouth is moderately large. The body is silvery with dusky (brownish to gray) coloration on the back and dusky bars on the sides. More

argenteus), silver surfperch (Hyperprosopon ellipticum), walleye surfperch (Hyperprosopon argenteum), shiner surfperch (Cymatogaster aggregata), redtail surfperch (Amphistichus rhodoterus) and rubberlip surfperch (Rhacochilus toxotes). More

Silver surfperch- Hyperprosopon ellipticum - Remarks: Caught frequently by anglers but discarded due to small size. Utilizes the bay year round for residence and spawning. Common in the channels and around the piers and jetties. More

numbers will be walleye surfperch, silver surfperch, spotfin surfperch and, at times, the perch-like Pacific butterfish (Pacific pompano). You can use a commercial rigging like a Lucky Joe/Lucky Lura, or make your own leader with three or four size 8 hooks tied directly onto the line. More

seaperch, silver surfperch, and pile perch were the main species in northern California (Figure 16). The spear fishery took mainly pile perch, black perch, and striped seaperch in central California, while striped seaperch was the main species in northern California (Figure 17). More

Common names

mojarra ovalada in Spanish (español)
Perca in Spanish (español)
silver surfperch in English
Sølv-brændingsaborre in Danish (dansk)
灰鰭大眼海鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
灰鳍大眼海鲫 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Embiotocidae
Genus : Hyperprosopon
Species : Hyperprosopon ellipticum
Authority : Gibbons, 1854