Shiner surfperch

Shiner perches are similar to tule perches, deep-bodied with a dusky greenish back and silvery sides that have a pattern combining fine horizontal bars with three broad yellow vertical bars.

The Shiner surfperch lives in the demersal, non-migratory, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range - 146 m environment.

Description: The body of the shiner surfperch is elongate oval and compressed. The head is short and the mouth is small. The body is gray to greenish above with vertical lemon yellow cross bars in the shape of a "711" and eight horizontal sooty lines along the sides. More

Shiner surfperch are a common California recreational catch. There's also a limited commercial catch in California averaging 600 pounds per year. More

Shiner surfperch have a strongly compressed, elongate, rather deep body, an upward slanting smallmouth, relatively large eyes, and a single continuous dorsal fin with slightly longer spines More

Range: Shiner surfperch occur from San Quintin Bay, Baja California, to Port Wrangell, Alaska. They prefer calm water and are most abundant in bays around eelgrass beds and the pilings of wharfs and piers. More

Shiner surfperch in Anahiem Bay feed primarily on zooplankton (Odenweller 1975). Surfperch are eaten by piscivorous fish, marine mammals, birds, and humans. More

Distribution of shiner surfperch in San Francisco Bay - Shiner perch range from Baja California to Port Wrangell, Alaska. Shiner perch are common in bays around eel grass beds and pilings and along the open coast in protected areas. More

species, the white croaker and the shiner surfperch, there is a larger percentage contribution from PCBs to the total dioxin TEQ. More

no white croaker, shiner surfperch, or jacksmelt were caught at Vallejo; and no sturgeon were caught in Suisun Bay. Other deviations from the original plan are indicated in Table 2. Target size classes were based on legal limits, U.S. More

shiner surfperch, born at the Aquarium, dance in and out of the elegant surf grass. Don’t forget to check out the sea pansy too. Crustacean Tank At 10 pounds, our California spiny lobster is king of the tank. More

shiner surfperch), and dieldrin (shiner surfperch) were elevated at Oakland Harbor. Lipid normalized PCB concentrations at Oakland Harbor were 11 times higher than at the sampling location with the lowest PCB concentration. More

The shiner surfperch is very common in the Humboldt county region and is a source of food for larger predators. Identification: A smaller surfperch reaching only 18cm. More

Common names

Cymatogaster aggregata in German (Deutsch)
Gaadaa in Haida
mojarra brillosa in Spanish (español)
Perca in Spanish (español)
Shiner in English
shiner perch in English
Shiner seaperch in English
Shiner surfperch in English
Szumien maly in Polish (polski)
Yellow shiner in English
спарада in Russian (русский язык)
海鱮 in Chinese (中文)
海鱮 in Mandarin Chinese
灰海鱮 in Chinese (中文)
灰海鱮 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Embiotocidae
Genus : Cymatogaster
Species : Cymatogaster aggregata
Authority : Gibbons, 1854