Kelp perch

The Kelp perch lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 30 m environment.

Kelp perch amidst kelp, Brachyistius frenatus, Macrocystis pyrifera, Catalina Island Purchase A Print Of This ImageHow to request, purchase or license this imageAdd To Light Table Half-moon perch school below offshore drift kelp, Medialuna californiensis, San Diego, California Purchase A Print Of This ImageHow to request, purchase More

Kelp Perch & Macrocystis p. - Date: 06/04/2006 Owner: Debbie Karimoto Size: Full size: 1500x1200 nextCaptain DanlastDanny, Ted & Dennis Mark StabbfirstCaptain Danprevious Kelp Perch & Macrocystis p. More

A kelp perch hovers off the bottom at about 25' deep in the sandy shallows west of the dive park stairs. Photo taken at Casino Point, Avalon, CA, May 2005. More

Species: Kelp perch, Brachyistius frenatus, Macrocystis pyrifera Location: Catalina Island, California, USA Kelp perch, Catalina. More

Kelp perch are usually common and usually shy. They hang out high in the kelp, a few feet below the surface. More

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Common names

brown sea-perch in English
Kelp perch in English
Kelp seaperch in English
Kelpaborre in Danish (dansk)
mojarra sargacera in Spanish (español)
Perca in Spanish (español)
Tangbarsch in German (Deutsch)
短鰭海鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
短鳍海鲫 in Mandarin Chinese
岩小海鯽 in Mandarin Chinese
岩小海鲫 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Embiotocidae
Genus : Brachyistius
Species : Brachyistius frenatus
Authority : Gill, 1862