Empire gudgeon

The Empire gudgeon lives in the demersal, potamodromous, freshwater environment.

* Empire gudgeon, Hypseleotris compressa (Krefft, 1864) * Hypseleotris compressocephalus (Chen, 1985) * Tropical carp-gudgeon, Hypseleotris cyprinoides (Valenciennes, 1837) More

a wild population of empire gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa, an Australian eleotrid, exposed naturally to after runoff from acid sulfate soils (ASS) in a drained estuarine embayment in eastern Australia. More

The Empire Gudgeon, Hypseliotris compressa. A native fish, found in freshwater to brackish esturaries in the coastal drainage systems of the northern 2/3 of Australia. Approx. 9-10cm in length. Pseudomugil signifer The Pacific Blue-Eye, Pseudomugil signifer. More

Empire Gudgeon 5cm Hypseleotris compressa - Click Image to Close More

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evolved from an empire gudgeon like ancestor and are of a different lineage to the southeastern species. In 1989, a new species was found in the upper Katherine River in the Northern Territory (NT). More

Empire Gudgeon, Australian-Carp Gudgeon Synonyms Eleotris compressus Sexing - Unknown Tank compatibility More

locate Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa for the suburban community of Sunnybank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. More

Common names

Australian carp-gudgeon in English
Australische Kärpflingsgrundel in German (Deutsch)
Australsk karpekutling in Danish (dansk)
Empire gudgeon in English
Loistokarppitorkkuja in Finnish (suomen kieli)
扁头黄黝鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
扁頭黃黝魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Eleotridae
Genus : Hypseleotris
Species : Hypseleotris compressa
Authority : Krefft, 1864