Dusky sleeper

This goby is commonly known as the Dusky sleeper goby and this is the same goby that is posted by sir eskeryon. Its color will turn black if its not in a good mood. This is also a predatory goby. More

* Dusky sleeper, Eleotris fusca (Forster, 1801) * Lutea sleeper, Eleotris lutea Day, 1876 * Eleotris macrocephala (Bleeker, 1857) * Eleotris macrolepis (Bleeker, 1875) More

Eleotris melanosoma, Dusky Sleeper - Eleotris fusca, Cape Moony - Monodactylus falciformis, Natal Moony - Monodactylus argenteus, Large-scale Mullet - Liza macrolepis, Freshwater Mullet - Myxus capensis (Rare), Estuarine Round-herring - Gilchristella More

goldfish sharptooth catfish grass carp carp dusky sleeper blackthroat goby tropical sand ... http://www.fmnh.helsinki.fi/users/haaramo/Metazoa/Deuterostoma/Chordata/Actinopterygii/Perciformes/Gobioidei/Gobiidae/Gobiidae.htm Gobiidae: ... | |- P. melanobranchus (Fowler, 1934) (Blackthroat goby) | |- P. punctatus Gill & Miller, 1990 | `- P. reichei (Bleeker, 1853) (Indo-Pacific tropical ... More

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), and dusky sleeper (Eleotris fusca) tend to dominate the lower reaches of a stream and feed on smaller fish and shrimp. They are only average climbers and cannot make it up the steep slopes of a waterfall. More

For example, the dusky sleeper (Eleotris fusca) is found in fresh, brackish, and marine waters of the Indo-Pacific, from East Africa through to French Polynesia in the South Pacific. In contrast, some other species have very restricted distributions. More

Dusky Sleeper See Eleotris fusca Dusky Snakehead See Parachanna obscura Dusky Torpedo See Rhamphochromis sp Dusky Walking Catfish See Clarias gariepinus Dusky Whale See Pollimyrus nigripinnis Duskyfin Glassy Perchlet See Parambassis wolffii More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Eleotridae
Genus : Eleotris
Species : Eleotris mauritianus
Authority : Forster, 1801