Everglades pygmy sunfish

The Everglades pygmy sunfish (Elassoma evergladei) is an interesting fish for a small single species tank.They seldom get over an inch long (largest would be 1.25). More

CHARACTERISTICS: The Everglades pygmy sunfish is distinguished from the other Elassoma species in Alabama by the embedded scales on the top of its head. Other characteristics include dark lips, four dorsal spines, and 23 to 32 lateral scales (no lateral line). More

Elassoma evergladei, Everglades pygmy sunfish, breeding male, Baldwin County Alabama USA, Uland Thomas, copyright reserved, view photo Elassoma evergladei, Everglades pygmy sunfish, Florida, Eva Hohausova, copyright reserved, view photo Jonah's Aquarium Menu Home More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Elassomatidae
Genus : Elassoma
Species : Elassoma evergladei
Authority : Jordan, 1884